i-Gen membranet gör det möjligt att stabilisera din benaugmentation med hjälp av implantatet. Membranet fästs på fixturen via en distans.
Kollagenmembran läggs sedan mellan i-Gen och mjukvävnaden.

GBR membrane for ideal regeneration

Description Type Ref.C
i- Gen Single A type Small IG1W4509
Single A type Regular IG1W5510
Single A type Wide IG1W6511
Single B type Small IG2W0918
Single B type Regular IG2W1120
Single B type Wide IG2W1323
Single C type Small IG3W0921
Single C type Regular IG3W1125
Single C type Wide IG3W1328
i-Gen Screw 1mm Cuff [AnyRidge] IA1810
i-Gen Screw 2mm Cuff [AnyRidge] IA1820
Description Type Ref.C
i- Gen i-Gen Screw 3mm Cuff [AnyRidge] IA1830
i-Gen Screw 1mm Cuff [AnyOne] IA2010
i-Gen Screw 2mm Cuff [AnyOne] IA2020
i-Gen Screw 3mm Cuff [AnyOne] IA2030
i-Gen Screw 1.5mm Cuff [MiNi] IA1415
i-Gen Screw 2mm Cuff [MiNi] IA1420
i-Gen Screw 3mm Cuff [MiNi] IA1430
Flat Healing Abutment H=2.5mm FHA402
Flat Healing Abutment H=3.5mm FHA403
i-Gen Cover Screw ICS3510
Hand Driver(1.6 Hex) for i-Gen Screw TCMHDL1600


1. How to us

Ideal + Regeneration membrane ⇒ i-Gen membrane

1. Place an implant into the recipient site.
2. Connect a i-Gen screw to the implant and bone grafting. Usually 1 mm cuff height is good enough for vertical space, but 2 or 3 mm cuff height of i-Gen Screw can be chosen according to situation. The amount of graft material should be enough to fill the space between i-Gen and the fixture.
3. Selection of i-Gen and placement. According to the size and shape of bone defect, an i-Gen can be chosen from 9 different shapes. Match the hole of i-Gen with the screw hole of i-Gen screw.
4. Fixate i-Gen with a i-Gen Screw. Choose a i-Gen cover Screw or Flat Healing Abutment to fix i-Gen membrane depend on the need of one or two stage surgery. And tight adaptation of soft tissue flap is recommended.


2. Which i-Gen?

i-Gen membrane has 9 different size and shapes

As seen on the figure left, alveolar bone has different widths according to locations. It can be divided into three categories; Anterior(Sky blue dots), Premolar(Blue dots) and Molar(Dark blue dots). For Anteriors, ‘narrow’ membranes can be used, which has 4.5mm buccal horizontal extension from the center of fixture. For Premolars, ‘Regular’ membranes which has 5.5mm buccal extension, can be selected.

The molar area usually needs wide membrane (6.5mm from fixture center), especially at the immediate placement case with wall defects. Type A and B membranes are only to cover single wall defects. Type C has a lingual extension to cover lingual wall defect. Type C has a lingual extension to cover lingual wall defect.