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”The body wants to heal, let’s work with it”

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, EthOss® is a step forward in dental Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Bone Grafting technology. With a built-in membrane, removing the need for an additional collagen membrane, EthOss® is a totally synthetic material which produces outstanding clinical results and is being used by dental implantologists across the world.

EthOss® is a mix of ß-Tri-Calcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) and Calcium Sulphate – creating a calcium-rich environment which is ideal for bone growth, with a cell occlusive membrane built-in. It is completely reabsorbed by a patients new bone as it grows, ready to support a dental implant.

Developed by dental implantologists, EthOss® is the result of nearly 3 decades’ experience with Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) in the dento-alveolar area.

The human body is amazing and wants to heal. EthOss® has been developed to work with it by using fully biocompatible materials to help true host bone regeneration. It is a fully synthetic material, with no human or animal components, that quickly converts to bone with human biopsies typically showing 50% novo-bone at 12 weeks. EthOss® is completely absorbed and replaced by new host bone over the course of treatment.
EthOss® is a combination of ß Tri Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Sulphate, creating an environment rich in phosphate and calcium ions, ideal for bone regrowth. The Calcium Sulphate acts as a built-in barrier against soft tissue ingress, removing the need for an additional collagen membrane. EthOss® is mixed into a paste which is extremely easy to apply and is applied to the surgical site using a simple syringe delivery system.
Once applied to the surgical site, EthOss® becomes firm and forms a semi rigid graft providing a highly stable scaffold leading to impressive clinical success rates.
Delivered sterile, EthOss® is available in 2 syringe sizes (0.5cc and 1cc) and is suitable for use in GBR, periodontitis, buccal defects, sinus grafts and extraction socket filling.

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